Released a new version, that fixes a few bugs in the parser.

* Fixed comments to be properly ignored.
* Fixed escaped quotes \” to be passed to the client unescaped.
* added a few more possible character to WORD, such as . ./ and \


  1. Ali Anwar on 04.27.2009

    The links are broken.

    Thanks for the wonderful Idea!

  2. Omry on 04.27.2009

    Oops! 🙂
    Thanks, fixed it.

  3. artm on 04.27.2009

    are you really ignoring comments, Omry? if swush is to be used for configuration, you want to keep the comments intact. imagine, you load the config file, user changes some settings in gui, and you save the new config back – you want old comments be kept in logical places and all.

    comments are either about what follows (comment starts on a new line) or what precedes (comment follows a variable : value pair) and should be stored in the memory representation “attached” appropriately, I think. then when you tweak documented settings they are stored documented.

  4. Omry on 04.27.2009

    artm, great question, and in fact I was just discussing this exact use case with SamSol which helps me on the java side and the language definition.
    for now ignore them, but a future version will probably preserve them as you suggested.

  5. SamSol on 04.27.2009

    Multiline comments also can be used to hide (disable) part of swush file.
    Other way to disable part in swush file is renaming keys.
    xmpp-client-config {
    account {
    server: server1
    dont-start-this-account {
    server: server2

  6. Omry on 04.27.2009

    SamSol, good point.
    although I think it does not change anything in regard to preserving comments.
    you just preserve the multiline comments including whatever elements are in it.