Released Swush 0.93.

Changes includes:


Released 0.92. this release is actually usable. please report any bugs.
Note, the What-is-swush page was updated to reflect the current state of Swush.



Released a new version, that fixes a few bugs in the parser.

* Fixed comments to be properly ignored.
* Fixed escaped quotes \” to be passed to the client unescaped.
* added a few more possible character to WORD, such as . ./ and \


Sick and tired of XML as a human interface?
You came to the right place!
Swush is a simple markup language ideal for configuration files and structured data that should be manipulated by both people and computers.
Here is an example of a swush configuration file:

Check the what is swush page for more information.
There is already a working Java implementation available at the download page.

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